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Informative College Baseball Umpire Clinics

Triple Play Umpires provides training and instruction for college baseball officials through our umpire clinics and camps. We help improve your perception of the strike zone and keep you up-to-date on the latest rule changes.

Umpire Camps

Our organization was founded by Doug McClure, the Coordinator and Supervisor of Umpires for The Great American (GAC), Heartland (HAC), Lone Star (LSC), Red River Athletic (RRAC), and Sooner Athletic (SAC) Conferences. This site helps keep you up-to-date on all of our upcoming umpire camps, clinics, national meetings on rule changes, and mechanic changes as well as a little fun in our umpiring world.

Essential Training

When you choose to join us for one of our umpire camps or clinics, we promise this will be three of the most comprehensive and enjoyable days of umpire training available. Your training includes discussion of the latest rule interpretations, mechanics, and procedures used in baseball today. We help you adapt these professional techniques into your personal level
of umpiring.

Subject Focus

Special attention is given to proper angle and distance positioning, timing problems, understanding balks, and handling conflict and confrontation. Classroom instruction includes an insightful and practical survey of the rule book accompanied by open discussion.

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Personal Evaluation

Your personal umpire plate stance is evaluated, and suggestions are given to improve your perception of the strike zone. We discuss the most popular umpire plate stance used today and present its advantages and disadvantages. This is two, three, or five days of intensive baseball umpire training that is designed to improve each umpire’s opportunity to move into higher levels of officiating.

Valuable Experience

Each umpire is given the opportunity to work in game situations geared toward increasing their level of experience. A list of those in attendance will be given to all state high school and college assignors in that camp or clinic's area and the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association to identify potential umpires for regular-season and post-season assignments.

Networking Opportunities

Our events are attended by both active and retired professional umpires, as well as instructors from both the Harry Wendlesteds Umpire School and The Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring. With officials from the GAC, HAC, LSC, RRAC, and SAC, as well as the area’s top college officials attending, we feel this camp has become the greatest opportunity ever from Mexico to Canada.

Contact us for insightful and practical umpire clinics for officials working college baseball games.